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Why Gun Shows Are Vital for the 2nd Amendment Community

We’re big believers in the freedoms and liberties enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America, and that includes your Second Amendment gun show rights. Gun rights are a hot-button political issue that sees everyday citizens used as pawns while both sides of the argument jockey for funding, votes, and power. In the hands of skilled and responsible gun owners, firearms are vital tools for hunting and protection and equipment for popular sports and recreational activities. While your right to bear arms may be in greater jeopardy now than at any point in recent memory, your local Midwest Arms Collector Gun Show offers the perfect opportunity to build communities and organize efforts to protect our way of life while shopping for new and used guns in a welcoming legal environment.

The Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Bill of Rights

We’re all familiar with this passage from our Bill of Rights. Ratified in 1791, our Founding Fathers were fresh from the American Revolution, where the ability of citizens to arm themselves, train to be soldiers, and fight an oppressive central government was instrumental in securing our freedom. It was also a time period long before big-chain grocery stores when meat on the table often meant a good day hunting. Finally, this passage was meant to instill a sense of self-sufficient patriotism by establishing that every citizen has the ability to take a firm and active hand in the protection of the ideals our country was founded on.

How Gun Shows Support the Second Amendment

Gun shows are a unique retail environment that brings together vendors from across the country and attendees who can travel for hours for a weekend of family-friendly fun focused on Second Amendment gun show activities. This puts them in a singular position to support our constitutional rights.

  1. You Need Arms to Bear Arms

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Gun shows are a great place to buy, sell, and trade guns legally. Our gun shows have new guns, old guns, collectible guns, show pieces, safe queens, and everyday carry firearms of all descriptions. Whether you’re hunting, competing, or need a gun for self-defense, you’ll find a firearm that fits the bill at your local gun show.

  1. Get the Opportunity to Gather with Like-Minded Patriots

A community is built by mutual support amongst a group of individuals. Quite a few gun owners are starting to feel embattled and alone. Firearms are becoming a “dirty little secret” they feel like they need to avoid discussing at work, church, or in other social settings. Gun shows are Second Amendment friendly, giving you the opportunity to meet and interact with other gun owners openly.

  1. Gun Rights Promote Self-Sufficiency and Personal Security

The ability of a person or group to defend itself from tyranny or attack is at the heart of the Second Amendment. Gun Shows support this right to common defense by making available the tools used to protect the life and property of yourself and others: firearms. Firearms can still–even in this day of delivery apps and texting complaints to local authorities–provide the means to keep food on the table and protect your loved ones. In fact, for many rural gun owners, firearms are more reliable than those delivery services and the only immediate means they have to protect livestock or their families from predators.

  1. Gun Shows Give You Access to Training
Gun safety class instructor is assisting a student

Along with firearms, you’ll also find service providers to help you get more from your guns. Whether you need a hunter’s safety course to get your license for the upcoming season, marksmanship training for competition, or the classes required to apply for a concealed carry permit, your local gun show is a great place to find certified experts. Better-trained gun owners are in a better position to show the public what responsible gun ownership looks like.

  1. Find Second Amendment Rights Organizations

If you want to protect your right to bear arms, now is the time to get organized. That can mean joining one of your national, state, or local rights organizations, like the National Rifle Association. If you want to take a more active role in patriotic preparation, state and local militias give you the opportunity to train as a citizen soldier. Sporting clubs are also heavily represented at our shows as well as historical reenactment groups that let you explore the history of our gun rights.

  1. Gun Shows Introduce Second Amendment Rights to the Next Generation

The best way to combat ignorance is through education. Our gun shows are safe environments for young and old alike. Bring the kids and introduce them to their Second Amendment heritage in a controlled environment where you can take the time to show them a variety of weapons, talk to them about the basics of gun safety, and impress on them the historical and contemporary importance of the right to keep and bear arms.

We’ll See You at Your Next Local Gun Show

Wherever you are, there’s a gun show coming to a community near you soon. Now is the time to look at our gun show calendar, circle the date, and start making plans. Held at community fairgrounds, event centers, and exhibition spaces, they’re a fun weekend for all and a great chance to shop for the gun you’ve been looking for. Sign up for our email list to get gun show news delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy your Second Amendment rights at a gun show from

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