Bringing America’s Best Gun and Knife Shows to the Midwest for Over 20 Years

Welcome to MAC Shows: Where gun and knife enthusiasts, families, and vendors converge to celebrate a shared passion for craftsmanship, community, and our Second Amendment rights. Discover the finest selection of firearms, tactical gear, and unique crafts at your local MAC Show.

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Shoppers gathered at different vendor booths at a local Gun Show

Gun & Knife Shows Rooted in Community

For over two decades, MAC Shows has been the beating heart of the Midwest’s gun and knife community. We pride ourselves on creating events that are more than just shows; they are vibrant community gatherings that unite enthusiasts, families, and vendors in a celebration of craftsmanship, passion, and tradition. Each MAC Show is a unique experience, filled with knowledge, variety, and excitement, set in a welcoming atmosphere.

Upcoming Shows

Your Next Adventure Awaits – Explore our calendar to find the perfect event near you. Each MAC Show is a unique experience, offering a blend of traditional and contemporary exhibits.

Why Choose MAC Shows?

At MAC Shows, we’ve been hosting gun and knife enthusiasts for over 20 years, creating a space that’s as welcoming as it is exciting. Our events are crafted with a family-friendly spirit, ensuring everyone from the little ones to the grown-ups has a safe and fun time. It’s all about good folks coming together to share their passion, discover new things, and enjoy a day filled with friendly faces and great finds.

Expert Vendors

Meet and learn from the best in the business. Our vendors are knowledgeable and passionate about their crafts.

Diverse Exhibits

From historical collectibles to modern tactical gear, discover a wide range of exhibits.

Community Focus

At the heart of every show is a strong sense of community, bringing together like-minded individuals and families.

Educational Experiences

Learn through workshops, demonstrations, and presentations at each event.

View Upcoming MAC Shows In Your State

Local Shows, Global Appeal – Select your state to discover events tailored to your region and plan your visit to the nearest upcoming MAC Show.

Become a Gun Show Vendor

Join the MAC Shows Family – A dynamic platform for vendors of all sizes. Whether you’re an established brand or a local artisan, MAC Shows offers the perfect stage to showcase your products and services. Connect with a passionate audience and expand your business with us.

Learn More from MAC Shows

Visit our blog for the latest news, tips, and vendor highlights. From expert advice to local vendor stories, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

man at an outdoor shooting range aiming a pistol towards a paper target
Shooting Tips
Croux Developers

How to Improve Shooting Accuracy

If you want to improve shooting accuracy, focus on your mechanics, firearm, and practice routine. Learn our top tips for upgrading each so you know what to keep an eye out for at your next local gun show.

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overhead view of tactical essentials displayed on wood
Croux Developers

Tactical Essentials You’ll Find at a Gun Show

Find out what tactical essentials you can find at your local gun show. Whether you need tactical supplies for emergencies and natural disasters or something to augment your everyday carry loadout, our vendors have you covered.

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Gun show vendor tables set up at a MAC Shows gun and knife event
Gun Shows
Croux Developers

Why Gun Shows Are Vital for the 2nd Amendment Community

An important part of the rights granted by the Second Amendment, gun shows give you the chance to buy guns, meet other freedom-loving Americans, and get more from your right to keep and bear arms. Learn how gun shows support and protect your gun rights, then make plans to visit your next local MAC Shows gun show today.

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Aerial view of a MAC Shows gun and knife event
Gun Shows
Croux Developers

Gun Show Sales Guide: The Ultimate Checklist for Gun Show Vendors

Preparation is crucial for successful sales at MAC Shows. This guide covers essential steps: understanding rules, securing permits, reserving tables, managing inventory, planning displays, pricing strategies, travel arrangements, packing, and post-show reviews. Engage with customers and refine your approach for future events to maximize sales.

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Aerial view of a MAC Shows event
Joey Lorenzo

Cool Off with the Hot Deals at Your Local Gun Show

A summer gun show is a great addition to your family’s vacation or the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway. Your local gun show brings vendors from across the country into the community with their best products, ready to make a deal.

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