Tulsa Gun Show

The Tulsa gun show draws residents of Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas to the Central Park Hall at Expo Square for a weekend of gun shopping and great deals. A premier Oklahoma gun show, our Tulsa event brings vendors from across the country together, along with regional businesses and craftspeople, to give you an unsurpassed selection of guns, knives, outdoor gear, and more. This family-friendly show features something for everyone, whether you’re buying, selling, and trading guns or just looking for unique gifts. Get ready for a fun weekend at your next Tulsa Midwest Arms Collector show.

09:00 am-05:00 pm
09:00 am-03:00 pm

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The Central Park Hall at Expo Square gives us a clean and modern venue for the Tulsa Gun Show that’s near top-tier restaurants, great hotels, and some of Tulsa’s world-renowned entertainment spots. A short drive from the Center of the Universe, it is the center of the best gun deals you can find anywhere in Oklahoma. Professional security is on-site to keep everyone safe for this unique retail event.

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Make your plans for a Tulsa weekend getaway that includes first-class gun shopping. Do your research, set your budget, and get there early on the day of the show for the first chance at the best deals. Get ready for your next Tulsa Gun Show from MAC Shows.