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Firearm Storage: Balancing Security and Accessibility

Whether you’re looking for new firearms storage or want to fill up the gun safe you already have, your local MAC Shows event has exactly what you’re looking for. Storing your gun properly helps keep it safe, protecting it from the environment and thieves. It’s also a key aspect of child gun safety. Too many gun owners think they can’t secure their weapons and still have quick access to a gun in the case of an emergency. Modern firearms storage systems, however, give you more options to keep your guns ready for action and out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

The Need for Weapon Security

As a gun owner, you enjoy the rights granted by our Second Amendment, but you bear the responsibility of using those rights with the appropriate level of care. This includes following gun safety rules, making good decisions about your use of a firearm, and choosing firearms storage that keeps your guns safe. Personal weapons are relatively small, light enough to carry, and come with a high price tag, making them popular targets for theft. Gun thefts are on the rise, and along with them, crimes involving guns, which puts our rights in jeopardy. 

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Make no mistake: crimes are the responsibility of the criminals who commit them, not the guns. Making it as hard as possible for them to get their hands on guns, however, just makes good sense. It can also reduce your legal liability to charges of negligence and potentially save your life or the lives of your loved ones. That’s why you can expect to see proper weapon security at your local gun show–it creates the safe, family-friendly environment our vendors and attendees love. 

The Need for Weapon Accessibility

If you can’t get a gun out of your firearms storage system quickly enough, you may be putting your home, family, or health in jeopardy. In the event of a break-in, are you going to be able to find the right key in the dark or fumble through a combination on either an unlighted dial or a lighted keypad that could give away your position? This is the question that keeps plenty of gun owners up at night, and unfortunately, it also leads to the bad decision of leaving far too many weapons not properly secured. 

In dynamic situations where time is of the essence, you want access to your best self-defense tool. That means being able to get to the gun you’ve trained with, make it ready, and be able to deploy it effectively, including proper target identification, effective shooting, and the right loadout to ensure you can defend your home without putting bystanders at risk. 

Proper Gun Security is Based on Context

There is no single firearms storage solution that’s perfect for every situation. Instead, think of responsible gun storage as a balancing act. There are some general guidelines every gun owner can follow, but when it comes to finetuning any plan, that falls to the gun owner to make a good decision that keeps guns secure. Remember, gun security is just as appropriate when talking about retention holsters for concealed carry as it is for your gun collection at home. In both instances, there is a split focus on safety and accessibility by necessity.

Long-Term Firearms Storage

If you have a sizable collection, most of your guns may fall into this category, but even if you only own a few guns, a strong gun safe may have its place in your storage and security plan. Guns you don’t use often or don’t plan to use should be stored unloaded for both child gun safety and to protect their value. This puts less wear on springs and components while also letting you thoroughly clean the weapon and protect it from moisture, dust, and other potential contaminants. You may even find that your long-term safe or cabinet is a space you prefer to keep closed between annual or semi-annual cleanings to keep the space inside as quarantined as possible from the surrounding environment.

large safe in a closet, where firearms are safely stored

Look for a firearms storage system that’s fire and water-rated to maximize your guns’ protection. While electronic combination locks are popular, remember that mechanical dials don’t need electricity or batteries. Choose a safe with thick walls that can also be secured to the floor or wall for added protection. Remember, most burglars are looking for crimes of opportunity, and a big, heavy safe that will take a skid loader to rip out of the house is more work than most are prepared for.

Regular Access Storage

You may enjoy using these guns at the range or in the field, but they aren’t the ones you grab when your home is threatened. Hunting rifles, sport shooters, and plinkers should be kept clean, lubricated, and unloaded when not in use. They can be stored in a safe or locking gun cabinet, keeping them out of the reach of children. This may be the same safe you keep your long-term-stored guns in, but it doesn’t have to be. Opt for solid metal or wood construction at a minimum, with strong hinges, latches, and locks. Leave Pappy’s glass-front gun rack in the past, as it’s just not beefy enough to keep the honest, honest.

The great part about this style of storage is it usually offers plenty of space without the price tag of a really beefy and sealed long-term gun safe. That means you can keep your favorite guns out for the next range trip while having a convenient place to store your cleaning materials, ammunition, PPE, and accessories. It can be a secure one-stop storage solution for all your regular shooting needs.

Personal Defense Weapon Storage

Child gun safety requires keeping weapons secured, but you still want to be able to respond quickly to threats. Your best option is a gun safe or lock box on a high shelf or bedstand that a child can’t open. While many experts still recommend keeping your gun unloaded–it takes seconds to slap in a mag, rack, and go–the weapon can be kept as ready as possible for rapid deployment. 

Modern lockboxes are available for both homes and vehicles with traditional combination locks, keyed tumblers, and even biometric locks that read your fingerprints before popping open. The important things are that you choose a secure gun safe that fits the space you need it for, that it can be secured there to prevent it from becoming a “travel case” for a thief, and that you practice with it regularly to develop the muscle memory to open it quickly and efficiently under stress. Like any other firearms skill, proper practice prevents poor performance.

Find Everything You Need for Proper Firearms Storage at Your Local Gun Show

Whether you need a glovebox-size gun safe for travel, a bed stand firearms storage solution, or a hermetically-sealed long-term fire safe, vendors from across the country traveling to bring their best products to your community and talented local woodworkers and metal smiths adding their crafts, there’s a system for every gun owner. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest gun show news. Circle the date and get ready for your next local MAC Shows event.

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