Cool Off with the Hot Deals at Your Local Gun Show

Aerial view of a MAC Shows event

A summer gun show is a great addition to your family’s vacation or the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway. Your local gun show brings vendors from across the country into the community with their best products, ready to make a deal.

Firearm Storage: Balancing Security and Accessibility

A compact firearm safe with keypad entry

Firearm storage keeps your weapons protected, promotes child gun safety, and also makes sure you can still get to your gun quickly for self-defense. We take a look at the need to balance security and accessibility when choosing a gun safe and the types of storage you need as a responsible gun owner.

7 Gun Safety Rules Every Gun Owner Should Abide By

A trained professional conducting a course on the basic rules of gun safety

Learn the gun safety rules you need to know to keep you and those around you safer. From safe handling to safe storage, firearms safety is an active process based on informed decision-making. We cover the basics so you can get started on the right foot with your shooting hobby.

Gun Buying Guide: How to Buy at a Gun Show

gun show vendor tables displaying shotguns for sale

Learn how to buy at a gun show and make sure you’re getting the best gun show deals possible. We walk you through how to prepare for the show, find the best options on the sales floor, and talk to vendors about making the purchase. Make your plans to visit a MAC Shows gun show near you today.

What to Expect at Your First Gun Show

Firearms vendor tables at a MAC Shows event

If you’re nervous about going to a first gun show, learning what to expect can be a great first step to ensuring you’re ready to enjoy the show. A unique retail experience, our gun shows are safe, family-friendly, and coming soon near you. Start making plans to visit your local MAC Shows Gun Show today.

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